Groups Trips

There is something special about travelling in a group as opposed to solo or duo travel. Travelling with other people helps to create new friendships and solidify old ones.

The new experiences create lifelong memories and bonds between people that extend well beyond your trip.

Benefits of Group Travel

  • Cost-effective – saving money on airplane tickets, accommodation, tours and experiences. Most places offer reduced prices for groups
  • Companionship – see the world with like-minded companions. Shared interests and experiences tend to bond people together very quickly. You’re bound to come back from your group travels with fantastic memories and perhaps a few good friends!
  • See and do things that are normally not available to individual travellers – Groups have influence, believe us! Foreign countries may be more willing to open up
  • Travel within your comfort zone – there is safety in numbers! Travelling to foreign countries can sometimes seem daunting.  A group of tourist is less of a target than a single person.  Haggling for taxis and services will seem less intimidating. Also, if you get sick or hurt, there are people around to help you out.
  • More time to yourself than you think – One of the greatest myths surrounding group travel is that you don’t get a lot of independent time away from the group. We know the contrary. Group travel has evolved over the years as people’s desires, habits and requirements have changed. It’s no longer the case of following a guide through a packed city, it’s about giving you as many options as possible. Obviously you’re going to want to do the ‘must-do’s’ which a group travel trip will sort for you, but equally you’ve got total freedom to spend your individual time however you please.
  • Hassle-free – Sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure because when travelling in a group, it’s hassle free. Navigating through a new country can sometimes be difficult. New languages, customs, and ways to get around. On group travels you generally don’t have to worry about organising or planning as much – and you can just go with the flow and focus on exploring new lands without the stress.

Customer Reviews

  • My husband and I could not have been happier with our trip to Bali with this travel agency. Our agent assisted us in designing an absolutely spectacular itinerary for our 10day trip. We felt safe and well cared for, and we were quite impressed by how smoothly everything went. Our drivers and guides were always on time and all very knowledgeable and personable, the hotels were topnotch with great restaurants and a good variety of food.

    Maria Christodoulou
  • Thank you for this amazing experience! Special thanks to Anna Rupina for helping us plan our Honeymoon to Japan, Bali and Dubai. Our travel agent planned such a romantic, well organized and wonderful trip for us, everything was absolutely perfect! We didn’t worry about anything during our trip and we enjoyed every second. 5 stars for sure!

    Stephanie Michael
  • Super professional, punctual and assistive on anything we asked for! Highly recommended travel agency!

    Stavros Anastasiou

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