MAROCCO TRIP 26/05 – 02/06

At the Heart of Morocco

Welcome to The Land of a Thousand Colors 🇲🇦

Through our 8 days adventure, I invite you to discover our story and memories of this magnificent trip in Morocco. In this article, you will learn more about the treasures of Morocco, we discovered :

  • Bedouin villages
  • The capital city Rabat
  • The oldest basilica in the city of Fez
  • The art and decoration of Casablanca
  • The white fishing village of Essaouira
  • The marvelous city of Marrakech
  • The red city at the edge of the Sahara and of course, the splendid Atlas Mountains.

1st Day : Flight to Marrakech & Itinerary Marrakech – Casablanca

Upon arriving in Casablanca, we immediately set out for our destination. Along the way, we made a brief stop for coffee and some rest, and we reached our hotel around 1:30 PM.

At around 4:30 – 5 PM, we began our tour. We visited the central market, Place Mohamed 5, the largest square in the city, where we found the French Embassy, City Hall, the Prefecture, and the United Nations Square. We enjoyed our coffee on the Corniche beach promenade, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

We continued with a visit to the Hassan II Mosque (exterior), one of the largest mosques in the Islamic world, and explored the Anfa quarter, with its hippodrome and golf courses.

2nd Day : Casablanca – Rabat – Meknes – Fez

We had breakfast and departed for the city of Rabat. There, we visited the palace of King Hassan II, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the Tower of Hassan, and the Oudaya Kasbah.

We then continued towards the old imperial capital of Meknes. Upon arrival, we embarked on a tour, during which we saw the ruins of Moulay Ismail’s palace, known as the “Versailles of Morocco,” with its majestic walls, courtyards with fountains, and the impressive Bab El Mansour gate dating back to the 17th century, among other sights.

Subsequently, we proceeded to our final destination, the empress of cities, Fez, where we arrived in the late afternoon.

3rd Day : Fez tour

The tour included the 1st Muslim Medina of the Arab world with its 9,202 alleys, one of the largest in the world, and the souks. There, we got to know the Bou Inania Koranic school and the Mellah Jewish quarter.

We continued to see the outside of the Merenid palace, which is the oldest in Morocco, the outside of the Karaouin Mosque, which was one of the largest universities in the Arab world, the Mausoleum of Mullah Idris, and the ruins of the Merenid necropolis.

4th Day : Fez – Ifran – Meni Mellal – Marrakech

Breakfast and departed for a captivating journey southeast of Atlanta to Marrakech (via Ifrane and Beni Mellal), traversing lush landscapes at a fairly high altitude.

5th Day : Marrakech Tour

We had breakfast and took a guided tour of Marrakech. We saw the exterior of the Koutoubia Mosque, and we visited El Bahia Palace.

We continued with the famous Jemaa El Fna square, known as the “Square of Miracles.” Jemaa El Fna is the symbol of Marrakech, where a magical spectacle unfolded daily, featuring outdoor improvised stalls, snake charmers, storytellers, witches, all combined with the hundreds of shops that sprung up in the most unlikely corners of the souks. We also visited the beautiful Majorelle Gardens, owned by Yves Saint Laurent.

For the evening, we recommended the optional folklore show with a drink at Chez Ali. Overnight!

6th Day : Excursion to Essaouira

We had breakfast and set off for the seaside town of Essaouira, where argan trees grow, yielding precious Argan oil.

Essaouira was a feast for the eyes and the soul. What a beautiful city it was ! The ornate medieval walls acted as a barrier, protecting it from the crashing waves of the Atlantic. Literally, thousands of seagulls danced over the sea, waiting by the fishing boats for their share of bread.

The city within the walls exuded a calm that, for a moment, made you forget that you were in Morocco. Loud and chaotic bazaars had no place there. The central square of Essaouira exuded the atmosphere of an Italian piazza. The alleys with tidy shops, restaurants, and art galleries offered the ambiance of a European resort, and the seaside burji walls instantly transported you to a conquistador-era Spanish colony in Latin America.

Impressive arches and tall stone buildings, the dark galleries that extended for tens of meters, and the “monolithic” wall, walking on its base, made you feel secure against the inexhaustible power of the Atlantic. It was the most important center of Moroccan artistic creation, with many painters and artists.

7th Day : Marrakech – Dessert experience Agafay

We had breakfast and were free to explore Marrakesh and discover what impressed us.

After a free lunch, at around 4 PM, we embarked on our desert adventure. A trip to Morocco wouldn’t have been complete without immersing ourselves in the desert. The country became even more exotic and otherworldly as we wandered through the impressive landscapes of the vast desert sand dunes.

So, we left behind the bustling Marrakesh and, passing through picturesque villages, headed to the Agafay Desert. There, we enjoyed a camel ride, felt the vastness of the desert, and admired a unique red sunset in a landscape quite different from what we were accustomed to.

We had tea with the Berbers (Bedouins of the area) and experienced their way of life for a while.

One trip isn’t enough to see all the facets of the country. Don’t wait any longer, join us on a journey into the heart of the Moroccan soul, leaving behind memorable memories that will awaken your spirit and feed your soul. 🇲🇦

By Emma Roger

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