School/Educational Trips

School/Educational Trips

The importance of taking students outside the classroom to learn, absorb and immerse themselves in the real world has been well studied. While it is possible to learn some basic concepts in class, there is no substitute to real life experiences in the wider world. School trips provide a great opportunity for pupils to gain such experiences and face a wide range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal development.

Benefits of School/Educational Trips

1.    Improves student’s performance and achievement

Venturing outside of the usual classroom setting and bringing a subject to life comes with its own unique excitement and thrill for students, that undeniable ‘school trip feeling’. According to OFSTED, external, interactive learning activities tie learning to personal experiences and memories, helping students develop a deeper understanding of subjects and topics. This often promotes better behaviour, achievement and involvement back in the classroom.


2.    Cultural understanding 

Embarking on educational tours, and submerging students into cultural experiences have been found to be invaluable for their development and understanding about the world at large. It allows them to open their eyes to new environments, positively shapes their perspective on an international level and trigger ideas and solutions, that may not stem from their familiar comforts and habits. 

3.    Relationships and Communication

It’s no secret that given the chance students will always gravitate towards their friends during group tasks, who wouldn’t? On school trips however, classes experience learning outside the classroom environment, going through experiences together and building relationships outside of their usual groups. Students develop a unique relationship bonding through mutual interests and the shared memories and experiences. This will benefit the dynamic not only with each other but with their teachers as well. These experiences equip them with new skills for collaborative work, group discussions and group tasks, enhancing their performance and achievement in these activities.

4.    Allows for lifelong memories to be made with friends

Taking the students out of the classroom and into a new environment allows them to work as a team with other classmates outside of their normal group. Not only that, but they make lifelong memories among peers, which is no doubt a fun learning experience in itself.

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