SOUTH AFRICA TRIP 20/07-27/07/23


July 20-27

Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa, a place of stunning landscapes, rich cultures, and fascinating history. Our 6 days adventure invites you to explore this coastal haven like never before. Each day promises exciting discoveries and lasting memories, from the iconic Table Mountain to the serene Camps Bay.

1st Day :  Camps Bay 

The first stop that we had when we landed in Cape Town, we went to see one of the most beautiful beaches of the city with an astonishing view.

Next Stop : Table Mountain

Imagine reaching the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. The view is simply amazing. You can see the city, the green plants, and the shining sea. It feels peaceful and exciting all at once.

When you walk around, you’ll see colorful flowers and plants that you might have never seen before. It’s like a special garden on top of the world.

As the sun goes down, the colors in the sky change, and it looks really beautiful. It’s a place where you can relax, think, and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Being on Table Mountain was like stepping into a different world, and the memories of that place will stay with me forever.



After that, as a group, we had an amazing dinner at an extraordinary restaurant full of different tastes, traditions and also discover the unique cuisine that Africans are very well known for. 

Day 2 : Lourensford Wine Estate 

On the second day of our trip, we went for a wine tasting at Lourensford. In this place, you’ll have the chance to dive into various wine tastings, exploring their wonderful range of wines. And guess what? These tastings aren’t just any tastings – they happen in these welcoming and stunning settings that make you feel like you’re in a movie.

After the wine testing, more activities followed up to keep the kids entertained!

Next Stop : Vrefenheim Animal Farm

This place offers us to see how feeding is made and also get a closer look at the wildlife animals. Moreover, when the show ended we sat as a group to get a taste of more wines and snacks. In this place, we found peace and nostalgia. 

Then we went back to the hotel, to get some rest and fill up our energy levels. The hotel's name is Hyatt Regency located 5 minutes away from the very famous shopping center in Cape town Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

 Day 3 : Aquila Park 

The day started pretty early for us, so we can live the experience with the wild animals.  Aquila Park is famous for their beautiful landscapes and for the connection that you get to the wild. 

The journey went like this..

  • Once we got in the Truck our journey began. Aquila Park is known for the Big Five.
  • Hotel Rooms to sleep with the sounds of the wild. 
  • Serene Lakes with the beautiful reflection of the sky and surroundings landscapes. 

After this unique experience, we went to Aquila Park Restaurant to get our lunch.

The restaurant offers us a buffet with a variety of different tastes and flavors. 

Last picture that we took as a group in Aquila Park.

Day 4 : Hout Bay Seal Island

Surprisingly on this day, we went on a cruise in the open water of the South Atlantic ocean where seabirds and seals can be found. Astonishing View of the port from the cruise.


Next Station : Boulders Beach 

Boulders Beach is famous for the unique type of African penguins that are on that beach and for the memorable landscapes.

Last Activity of the day : Cape of Good Hope

This place had one of the best spectacular landscapes in the world. The Cape of Good Hope is the most southwestern point of the African Continent where the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

We went for a walk to see how the view looks like from a higher ground.

Breathtaking Vistas !

Day 5:

On this day, we went for a walk to the city center to get some traditional accessories and see how the local people work for a living. 

Moving on after our walk in the city center, we went for a coffee in one of the most well-known coffee shops in South Africa. High-quality Coffees and delicious snacks !

Coffee shop name: Truth Coffee Roasting


Next Stop : Langa Township

Visiting Langa Township in Cape Town as a tourist offers a unique and eye-opening experience that allows you to gain insights into the local culture, history, and daily life of its residents.

Having some fun with the kids !



We were able to observe the Street art and Mural and we were also able to be with a tour guide explaining the history of Apartheid in the early 90s.

Later on that day, we went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner in a special local African restaurant, with traditional dance and music. African exhibition happening in the restaurant. This is the Gold Restaurant.

Day 6 : The two-ocean Aquarium V&I Waterfront

Last day of our trip we packed our things from the hotel and went straight to the two ocean Aquarium. The activity was a great experience as we had the opportunity to get face-to-face with sharks and other species of fish.

When our tour of the two-ocean Aquarium was done, we went back to the waterfront shopping center to get something to eat and prepare for the long flight back to Cyprus. 

Time to end this trip and get back to Cyprus !

In conclusion, this trip in South Africa has been an unforgettable experience, blending the richness of its wildlife, the diversity of its cultures, and the warmth of its hospitality. This extraordinary country is filled with fascinating discoveries and deserves to be explored without delay.
Thank you for reading and see you soon on one of our trips !
Author: Alexandros Petrides

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