6 Foods you Must Try in Crete

The deliciousness of the Greek cuisine is something we all know about. The Cretan cuisine, however, is big news! Crete is the largest island in Greece and as such, the island has naturally adopted its own culture and cuisine. Of course, the cuisine is still considered Greek but with a little Cretan twist and that little twist, let us tell you, makes all the difference.

So, next time you visit the beautiful island of Crete, do make sure you try these 6 foods!


Marathópita is a mouth-watering pie cooked in a pan with some olive oil. It is a traditional Cretan food and can be found throughout the entire island. The pie is usually filled with fresh fennel, which gives wonderful flavour to this recipe. Spinach, sorrel and fresh onion can also be added depending on the recipe of the pie.


Dakos is another traditional Cretan Food based on barley rusk. The rusk is topped with finely chopped tomato and one of Crete’s specialty cream cheeses called “myzíthra”. The dish is also complemented by olive oil, salt, oregano and olives.

Chaniotiko Bouréki

Chaniotiko bouréki is a special zucchini-potato pie made especially in Chania. The basic ingredients are zucchini (or courgette for the Brits!), potatoes and myzíthra cheese (a special Cretan cheese). All the vegetables are cooked and covered by a sheet of pastry.


This dish is a traditional custom that is usually served at weddings however due to its popularity among tourist, you can find it almost anywhere in Crete. The rice, known as “piláfi”, is cooked with butter and lemon and served with boiled meat.

Chochlioí Boumpouristoí

Snails are a staple food of the Cretan diet due to the fact that they can be found fresh in abundance. After being dipped in flour, the snails are fried in olive oil and accompanied by rosemary and vinegar. A delicious and healthy delicatessen!


A traditional dessert that is very often served at the end of a meal in Crete. It is a traditional Cretan recipe, found throughout the island, with many different fillings. The beauty of the Cretan cuisine is in its ability to combine the unique Cretan cheeses with excellent local thyme and honey, creating absolute mouth-watering magic. Kaltsoúnia are made with “myzíthra” cheese and are usually panned and served with plenty of honey and cinnamon.

Author: Anna Popova

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